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The one-of-a-kind luxury retreat features sanctuaries serving as both catalysts and comfort, offering exquisite escapes, invigorating adventures, and profound wellness expeditions guided by the intuition in every guest's soul and the hum of the natural world.


In the world of 1, architecture adopts the natural curvature and fluidity of its surroundings, biophilic design details blur the lines between interior and exterior, culture inspires connection, nature drives nourishment—and everything comes into perspective.

The sustainable retreats open the doors to a world where the desire for rest and adventure exist in harmony. Where routines are forgotten, rhythms are honored, and rituals are born. Where nature and nurture are 1, and guests are free to drift away.


Nature As The True North

With nature considered the true north, sustainability comes naturally to 1 complexes. Allowing nature to guide the journey, breathing life into its vision, inspiring all to place intuition before expectation, and continuously realign humanity with sustainability keystones—environmental impact, health and wellbeing, resiliency and ongoing performance improvement, and food and beverage responsibility, 1 Hotels offer an exceptional retreat for all who seek oneness with nature, the source.

1 is more than a hotel, it’s a platform for substantiative change in many forms. From global programs, partnerships, conversations, and mindsets—1 aspires to transform an industry that relies on the prosperity of the planet and its people.

Leading Hospitality Forward

1 Vision states that the future of the world and the future of hospitality are one and the same. 1 Hotels aspires to be a platform to spark conversations, between innovators and guests, that transform the industry and its people's lives.

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